Elaine Brown is a London based artist. 

Born in London, Elaine Brown grew up in the periphery on the edges of Epping Forest. She studied at Reading University (B.A.Hons Fine Art 1980 -1984)) and Cyprus College of Art (Postgraduate Diploma 1985 – 1986) after which she travelled widely spending extended periods of time in Turkey. She returned to England in the ‘90’s and settled in London to raise her two daughters, later studying at Wimbledon College of Art (M.A.Fine Art 2010 – 2012). 

My experience of the relationship of people to things and their particular locations, far away and close to home, continue to inform my research, broadly, the pursuit of ‘Spirit of Place’.

My practice is chiefly painting, drawing and sculpture, however I usually begin with the camera, iPhone or Bolex, to search out and record. I proceed with painting from which I make drawings and sculpture, each process of making allows a space which is open to subjectivity and the subconscious. Working in series, the gap between each work suggests the black between each frame as in film where, as Gilles Deleuze suggests, the image ‘crystallises’ in our brains. What happens in the gaps and spaces?

‘If we didn’t blink we wouldn’t be able to see. Interruption is what allows us to take our distance and reclaim our consciousness from the blindness of sight.’ Silvere Lotringer